We live in a hyper-connected and informed world. Mass information has increased in volume and speed. Challenges & competitions have become more global, decision making more challenging.

Raising children has, therefore, become more complex: they have access to a huge amount of knowledge but are not given enough time to “digest” these learnings. This is generating more difficulties for them to cope with their environment, their feelings and emotions thus driving them to an unstable overall balance.

AT COCOON 4 US, we are convinced that:

The “Tailor-made” process: “Cocoon 4 Us Tracks & Workshops” is purpusely mixing the learnings to achieve an holistic approach to well-being through mind, body and emotions.

COCOON 4 US offers to children, on site, educational and well-being dedicated workshops, within original and progressive learning paths.

The Processes are regularly assessed to insure their adequation to educational trends and mental health research evolutions.

The Method not only teaches children new ways and tools to better deal with stress and anxiety, but also helps revealing their innovation and creativity potential.

Mrs Terry Moubayed Farah, the founder, is from Lebanese origin but did not live in Lebanon until 2013 when she decided to return and settle there with her family.

Her goal was to bring her 3 children closer to their origins and to have them grow up with the extended family. She would also like them to live the human warmth, kindness and compassion so particular to our country alongside the outsanding flexibility and creativity of the Lebanese citizens.

The latest events experienced have given more meaning to her comitments and reinforces her desire to stay and continue to fight for the young people of our country. Values that she also tries to pass on to her children.

COCOON 4 US is really grateful to the COLLEGE SAINT SAUVEUR BADARO to have welcomed the pilot project in its location with all the necessary help and logistics.

As part of our engagement, we are dedicating one part of the project revenues as donations to the benefit of families in need supported by the school community.